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Con-tin-u-um: A continuous succession in which
no part is distinguish from adjacent parts

Why Us


Kitting & Assembly

Returns & Rework


With warehouse space strategically located in Columbus Ohio we put 2/3 of the United States' population within 1 to 2 shipping days.

3PF/3PL  Capability
At Continuum, our customers demand flexibility.
Some require two or three services, while others want to outsource their entire distribution operation.
Our flexibility and ability to change quickly with our customer needs, sets us apart.
  • Overseas Receiving (Inspection of product)
  • Multi-Tenant Warehousing / Dry Food Grade  
  • Storage Rack/Flow Rack and Floor Stack Configurations
  • Container Pick Up and Return
  • Document Preparation (Receipts / BIll of Ladings / Reports)
  • Lot Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Distribution
  • Retail/Wholesale Fulfillment
  • Internet Fulfillment
  • Pick / Pack / Ship case and piece orders

  • 150,000 sq/ft footprint
  • Shelf/ Rack/ Floor Space Availability
  • Sprinkler System
  • Food Grade Facility- Montiored and Certified
  • Current Pharmaceutical Distribution License
  • Cross Docking                                                                                                             
  • Consolidation / De-Consolidation                         
  • Drop Trailer Capability                                         
  • De-vanning / Palletization Services