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Continuum excels at multiple assembly / production processing scenarios.

A build-to-stock production assembly environment typically will be utilized when the assembly is complex due to packaging and / or requirements of the bill of material structure.  In this assembly environment, build quantities are typically generated based upon sales forecasting supplied by the client.  As usage data is accumulated over a period of time, build quantity can be determined based upon historical performance.  

In the make-to-order environment, Product / Kit Assembly is completed as the customer orders a specific configuration.  This method of assembly will provide the opportunity for flexibility to additions, changes, and deletions from product structure material.  Continuum currently manages client relationships in which both types of assembly production methods are being employed.

Some examples of kits are:
  • Wholesale Club Pallet Displays
  • Combo Pack Kitting
  • Gift Baskets
  • Gift Packaging
  • Retail Displays
  Gift Sets & Baskets
Are you getting ready for the holiday season, or is every day your holiday season?

At TCG we specialize in solutions.  We can provide customized kitting, packing slips, and packaging for all of your needs.

Have a sample that you want us to re-create?  We are always up for a challenge!

We can build-to-stock, or build-to-ship any kit.  We are able to assemble any number of SKUs into a kit to be sold as one item.