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Con-tin-u-um: A continuous succession in which
no part is distinguish from adjacent parts

Why Us


Kitting & Assembly

Returns & Rework



Our state-of-the-art WMS (Warehouse Management System) provides the following capabilities for our internal management and clients:

Allows online client access to inventory and transaction data

  • Provides scalable online reports (item activity, open orders, stock status, receipts)
  • Email messaging and statusing of events
  • Real-Time access to operations


  • Serial number, lot number and expiration date tracking
  • Manage units of measure and product qualifiers (size, color, type, etc...)
  • Print Bill-of-Materials
  • Automated component allocations as kits are created

Shipping/Order processing

  • Import orders via EDI, XML, template-based import, and/or online client entry
  • FIFO allocations
  • Order statusing and email notifications

Returns Management

  • Asset Tags and Tracking
  • Warranty, Serial number, and specification tracking


We seamlessly integrate your Shopping Cart to provide the warehousing and fulfillment of your product.
  • kitting - assemble to order
  • continuity program fulfillment
  • on demand variable embroidery
  • gift wrapping
  • pick, pack, and ship fulfillment
  • on-line carrier tracking
  • email shipment notifications
  • realtime reporting and visibility
  • inventory reorder point eNotifications